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Bike Accidents

New York City is home to one of the most vibrant and active cycling communities in the country. Every day, professional, recreational and commuting cyclists take to the city’s streets to get where they need to go. Too often, however, the city’s cyclists are injured or killed in vehicle accidents.

Even if you do everything right and practice safe cycling, you are extremely vulnerable on a bike. Even the most experienced cyclists are no match for an inattentive driver or an errant car door. If you have been seriously hurt on your bicycle because of someone else’s negligence, you have rights and you deserve a chance to protect them.We can help.

Preserving Evidence

Many drivers change their story during the course of resolving an accident. They may initially apologize and accept blame, only to deny their negligence later on. Some motorists may even deny that they were at the accident. A police officer will document the accident so that there is a written record of the bicycle accident. The sooner you meet with a lawyer, the sooner he or she can begin collecting critical evidence and holding the other parties to their stories.

Let Us Deal With The Insurance Company

You should not speak with anyone’s insurance company, including your own, until you have spoken with a law firm like Pulvers.

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For instance, they are allowed to ride two-abreast (but not more) on the street. They should ride as far to the best side of the road that they reasonably can. You can have one ear plugged into music or your phone, however you must keep one ear complimentary. It is much better and more secure to keep both ears complimentary.

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If you are riding a bicycle, you must obey the traffic rules. Although you are required to follow all car and traffic, similar to a car (e.g., stop at stop signs and red lights), you likewise should have the very same protection those laws manage vehicle motorists. Some unique guidelines use to bicyclists in New york city.

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